loft conversion Edinburgh

Driving round the different areas of Edinburgh you see some unattractive loft conversions. They don’t suit the exterior of the house and although provide extra space, they do not increase kerb appeal.

A loft conversion should do both. It should increase your living space and look good. So if you ever want to sell up, your attic conversion will be an attractive selling point.

loft conversion Edinburgh

Here at Home Trades Services we see both aspects and we build with both in mind. If you want to build a loft conversion you can be proud of don’t do the following:

  1. Only get one quote. Without experience you will not be able to assess whether the quote is a fair representation or wildly off. Getting three will provide more confidence in the costs involved
  2. Always pick the cheapest quote. You quite often get what you pay for. So a cheap build will mean cheap materials and cheap inexperienced labour.
  3. Forget to check testimonials and images of previous work. It is very important that you research your builder as there are plenty of disreputable ones out there. Some who will walk away halfway through a build or leave it half-finished whilst they start another job.
  4. Let the builders decide the timescales and milestones. Nobody wants joiners and builders in their home in an open-ended agreement. Make sure you know what should be achieved and by when and include penalties in the contract for unreasonable delays.
  5. Pay loads of money up front. There should be a staged agreement when milestones have been reached. But paying up a huge amount before work hasn’t even begun is not good practise.

Your attic is an asset to your house. In a matter of weeks you could increase your floor space significantly AND increase the value of your home by 20%. As long as you don’t fall into the traps outlined above you will never regret a loft conversion.

Build a Loft Conversion buy following these tips. If you are considering a loft conversion and you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch or give Kevin or Steven a call on 0131 478 7079.

Build A Loft Conversion You Can be Proud of

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