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So you are going ahead with a brand new loft conversion – fantastic news! But is there anything you can do to help ensure the whole process runs smoothly? As loft conversion experts in Edinburgh, Home Trades Services have been involved in lots of successful loft conversion projects. Here are some of their tips to help yours go exactly to plan.

  1. Do a big clear out before the work is due to start. Remove all items currently in your loft and rather than store them in another part of your house, take the opportunity to decide what you really need to keep. After all, do you really want a lot of old junk ruining the look of your lovely new loft conversion? Sort items into keep, sell, charity and bin.
  1. Make sure that the route from your front door up to your loft is as clear as possible. Lots of tradesmen will be going up and down carrying equipment and materials for a number of weeks. If there is lots of clutter lying about the hall or blocking up doorways, accidents are more likely to occur. At the very least, tradesmen having to take time to avoid trip hazards or manoeuvre around large objects will slow the whole process down.
  1. Any reputable loft conversion company will take precautions to minimise the amount of dust produced by the renovation. However with this type of building work you should be prepared for some dust. You can help reduce this by covering large items and taping up doorways with cloth or dust sheets to reduce the spread of dust throughout your home
  1. Always ensure that you have thought about the layout of your new loft conversion, where furniture will go etc. This will help you decide where you will need sockets in the room, where the light switches should be positioned and which way you want the doors to open. Then have a chat with your builder about it. If they can see any issues with your ideas they will be able to help you find other solutions.
  1. Always have a contingency fund to allow for unplanned or unexpected expenses. E.g. you discover that a brand new boiler is needed to provide enough heat output for all the new rooms. Some experts advise keeping aside as much as an extra 5% of the total cost.

A loft conversion is a wonderful way to increase the size of your property. It can add value (sometimes as much as 20%), be relatively quick to complete and can be carried out throughout the year, regardless of the weather. However, as with all building projects, having lots of tradesmen working in your home can sometimes be stressful. Anything that you can do beforehand to speed up and smooth out the process is definitely time well spent.

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How To Prepare For Your New Loft Conversion

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