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If you have made the decision to add a spacious loft conversion, or a much needed extra living area downstairs or even carry out some general renovations, finding a good joiner or builder in Edinburgh to do the work, can be a daunting prospect.

There are so many stories in magazines and on TV about dodgy tradesmen, dangerous workmanship and half finished jobs that you may quickly be put off before you even begin looking. But it is worth remembering that in a matter of a few weeks, a good joinery or building company can give your home the extra living space you need or give a complete face lift to a tired or dated kitchen or bathroom, as well as adding extra value to it.

It goes without saying that asking friends and families for personal recommendations is usually the best way of finding a builder you can trust. You can see their standard of work first hand and ask about workmanship, timekeeping, tidiness etc. Unfortunately not everyone is in this position and some will have to do their own research. If this is the case you should of course do your homework and get at least 3 quotes, check testimonials and reviews etc. But is there anything else you can do to help you make the right choice?

Below are 5 tips to help you find the right joinery/building company for you.

How To Choose the Right Builder

1. Meet a potential builder face to face

Although not always spot on, sometimes trusting your instincts on how you feel about someone can be the right thing to do – assuming you have done your homework first and are working from a shortlist.  Finding someone that you feel your family will be comfortable having about your home is crucial.  Trust and confidence in your builder are also important. They will be in your home, often without you there and you need to be able to trust their judgement when dealing with unexpected and unforeseen problems which can arise on a build.

2. Assess their communication skills

By meeting your builder face to face, you can assess how easy it will be to discuss progress or bring up any concerns you may have. It is essential that you employ someone who can explain things clearly, to avoid any crossed wires.

3. Get information on sub contractors 

Very often on a build a variety of tradesmen are needed (e.g. electricians, heating engineers, plumbers, tilers etc). Find out if they are appropriately qualified and experienced and how long the builder has worked with them. Adding a beautiful new fitted bathroom is a great idea but at the end of the day it will leave you with no end of problems if it has been installed by a poor plumber or inexperienced tiler. Also check that the builder accepts complete responsibility for the quality of the work carried out by his sub contractors.

4. Check what kind of insurance they have

You need to know that you are covered if the builder goes out of business, or if your property is damaged during the build.

5. Know who is responsible for removing/disposing of waste

 You don’t want to find yourself with a stunning new kitchen but a garden full or rubbish to get rid of (rubble, wood, bathroom sanitary ware, kitchen cabinets etc.) If a skip is needed, agree the best place for it to be situated e.g. in your drive, in the street etc.

Looking for the right joiner/builder can be a lot of hard work but by following these tips you will at least be looking in the right direction. You will then be able to enjoy your fabulous new kitchen or stunning living room extension knowing you made the right decision.

I hope you understand now How To Choose the Right Builder. If you would like to discuss any joinery or building work with us, please give Steven or Kevin a call on 0131 478 7079 or get in touch here.

5 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Builder

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