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As time served carpenters and joiners in Edinburgh, we know how important these skills are in ensuring the quality of timber products built, or installed, in your home or business. The actual difference between the two disciplines of carpentry and joinery is probably not known by many people. Traditionally joiners ‘join’ pieces of wood together in a workshop e.g. doors, frames etc. and carpenters install them on-site e.g. roof trusses, stud partitions etc. In practice, although there is some cross over between the two specialities, it is often worth employing a company that can offer both skilled trades.

Below are some examples of tasks where it makes good sense to employ the expertise of a good carpenter or joiner

1. Repairs and maintenance to the structure of your home

The roof, walls and floors keep your home standing. Any modifications to timber in these areas e.g. roof trusses, joists and stud walls, need to be done by someone who knows what they are doing so that structural integrity is maintained. If this work is carried out incorrectly the strength of the structure could be compromised and your home could become unsafe.

2. Built in Storage

Pre-made drawers, shelves and wardrobes are relatively cheap and readily available and in many situations do the job well. However built in storage is ideal for smaller or unusual shaped rooms as a good carpenter will make the best use of the available space.  Built in storage can also be designed specifically to meet your particular need and can even add a touch of luxury to a room.

3. Customised Staircases

A hand crafted staircase can be a beautiful focal point in any home. The price of wood can vary enormously but even a staircase made from a cheaper wood can look stunning if it is designed well, built with care and finished properly.

4. Outdoor Fencing and Decking

We all know people who have fence paneling that blows down at the first sign of wind and whose decking is either unfinished, difficult to clean or contains planks that need replacing. Many people attempt these jobs on their own, which is fine. However like many things, the sign of a job well done is not just how good it looks but how long it lasts. Experience, joinery skills and using the correct tools for the job will inevitably produce better results that last much longer.

5. Loft Ladders

Well fitted loft ladders can provide easy access to a whole new area of your home. A good carpenter will be able to position the hatch correctly so that it does not affect the structural integrity of the attic space. The ladder that extends through the hatch must also be anchored correctly to ensure that it can take the weight of a grown man.

If you are thinking of undertaking some home improvements that require a professional joiner or carpenter, please get in touch with us or give Steven or Kevin a call on 0131 478 7079. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tasks That Need A Professional Carpenter or Joiner

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